About me

I'm a freelance illustrator.* I've tackled projects for card games, comics, roleplaying games, and television. I've got your prototypical pop culture creative sensibility. My work has a clean, energetic style distilled from a lifelong passion for movies (Big Trouble in Little China, Star Wars), TV (Andor, My Hero Academia), comics (Calvin and Hobbes, Hellboy), and roleplaying games (Champions, Dungeons & Dragons).

So, yes, I'm available for illustration work. Get in touch if you think I'm a good fit for a project you have in mind.

(By the way, I go by "Charlie" or "Bates"—the formal "Charles Andrew Bates" is just for business-y stuff like credits and contracts and whatnot.)

*…and writer and content developer and game designer, if you want to contact me about word stuff.